About us

    Our mission

    To produce for everyone at affordable prices with the idea that quality is not only luxury.

    Our company was established in 2003 to produce knitted fabric-weighted products in Zeytinburnu district, which is the favorite textile center of Istanbul in Children's Clothing sector. It has transformed its manufacturing experience with years into a strong company with Akku , Akkuzu, Maccaboy, Fanatikamigo and Miniçitlenbik brands.

    With a manufacturing area of 3500 square meters in Malatya, and one of 4000 square meters in Istanbul and Izmit along with a factory of 5000 square meters in Adıyaman, our company carries out weaving and dyeing operations and goes through modelling, design, cut, printing, embroidery, ironing, packaging processes, all of which belong to our artisanship.

    Since 2003, with its ongoing 30 years of experience of manufacturing and solid structure, Akku Tekstil together with many countries continues to sell its products that range from age 1 to 16 to every corner of Turkey. Our principle is to provide reliable quality products and reasonable price guarantee to our wholesaler and retailer customers.

    Our vision

    To be a company with a reputation in Turkey and abroad by combining quality products with quality services, we provide you with an affordable price guarantee.