Printing Embroidery Production

“The chemicals and materials we use in printing embroidery processes are carefully selected to maintain the best durability in the lifetime of the products. “

Adding fashionable value to apparel production is a must for fashion business. Akku Tekstil adds value to the process with its wide variety of processing techniques and designs such as dashboard and digital printing, embroidery and rigging.

With the awareness that this is an increasing concern in all major markets, the chemicals used do not have any health or environmental risks during their production, use or disposal.

Our customers also benefit from the most up-to-date washing and painting techniques we provide through our well-equipped and experienced partner companies. Akku Tekstil's quality continuity guarantee is maintained for both woven and knitted clothing.

Having our own printing and processing facilities offers customers the ability to respond more quickly, starting with the product development phase.

A full collection can be completed within days with the convenience of knowing that any kind of printing or processing will be consistently of high quality and manufactured with the latest product safety standards.